Founder & Ex-Chairman

Mentally challenged person are totally neglected by the society in which they live. Mental Challenge is a permanent handicap and such persons never return to normalcy. Happiness of any family, having mentally challenged person is totally shattered. Such person needs permanent assistance and help as long as he lives. He is permanently dependent in his lifetime. Parents of such persons are worried during their lifetime about the future after their demise.

Having started an institution for the mentally challenged persons, we started thinking about the problems of the families having aging, old persons and physically handicapped persons, with incurable diseases.

S..P. Beru

A small family can not cope with a bed-ridden patient. It requires constant medical attention, nursing and other physical assistance in every walk of life. Can they economically afford to employ two or three persons round the clock to look after such a patient?

Late Shri S.P. Beru, Founder & Ex-Chairman had conceived a dream of building an Pratishthan for the mentally challenged person which would be an ideal HOME AWAY FROM HOME.

This has resulted in the establishment of Beru Matimand Pratishthan at Rahtoli Village, Barvi Dam Road, Badlapur West, Tal.: Ambernath, Dist.: Thane, Maharashtra, India.

Facilities at the Hostel for

Mentally and Physically Challenged

The Pratishthan has hostel for the children right from the age of 6 months to old age. Every effort is made to keep the inmates in the maximum comforts with all required amenities, medical care and entertainment. Perhaps better than one, that can be provided at their home.


Our Inspiration

A Pratisthan is not only the land and building on which it is situated. It is the man behind it that counts. Shri S.P. Beru, Chairman of the Trust has a son who is mentally challenged.

Having faced the problems of upbringing such a person for a period of time, he could understand the problems of the families having a mentally challenged person. While bringing up his son he decided to start an institution, to help to sort out the problems of other families having such person since he has experienced himself the agony of such families.

Raju Beru

Raju son of Shri. S.P.Beru is the first patient of the Pratishthan. The Beru Matimand Pratishthan was started at Kothrud, Pune, on 21st February 1989, thereafter shifted at Village Rahtoli, Badlapur (West), Dist. Thane in the year 1995 to have more spacious premises.

Shri. S.P. Beru has devoted the rest of his life by not only being personally present in the Pratishthan whole time, but also looks after the inmates with the same love and affection as he has for his son. He works for the institution with body, soul and resources.

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