We are having 2 acres of land on lease. Two buildings of Ground Floor only, having 6 rooms each of 10′ x 10′ size, Over the period we have built up 1,500 sq.ft. accommodation. Of’course these 1500 sq.ft., have totaled by gradually extending, renovating as per requirements. Though it is a “Maximum comforts to the patients” effort by us still has to come up to our dreams. All above is like a small seed growing to big tree.

At present Beru Matimand Pratishthan has sheltered around 145 nos. of inmates and they are being looked after with due care, with homely and congenial atmosphere.

Recently we were approached by a number of families who faced problem of maintaining aging olds of the family. We stood to this call of the society also and provided a cool and comfortable roof for the aging olds suffering with ailments of old age. Especially when they suffer with sickness, become mentally imbalanced, suffer parkinson disease and need a good nursing treatment.


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