Everybody and anybody who feels concerned with our plea and concurs with our views may please contact us either personally or over the phone to extend their co-operation.


  1. The mentally challenged are neglected by society and the government, to a large extent.
  2. No permanent government facility for the mentally challenged is in place.
  3. Mental Challenged is permanent handicap. They never return to normalcy.
  4. The happiness of a family having a mentally challenged is totally shattered and traumatized.
  5. Mentally challenged is fully and permanently dependent. They can never be independent. They need permanent assistance and help as long as they live.
  6. With a mentally challenged member in the family, parents are not able to devote their full attention towards there occupation. This means loss of productivity. If the mentally challenged is kept in an institution like ours, it will lead to increase in the productivity by affected families.
  7. What has in store for the mentally challenged after the death of the parents or guardians is not known.
  8. After the death of parents the parenthood goes to their sibling’s family. But takers are few and far between.
  9. After the demise of parents, the mentally challenged is dependent on secondary relationship such as brother or sister who has to keep their spouses in good humor or else the mentally challenged faces outright rejects.
  10. A mentally challenge person is a poor learner or non-learner and prone to forgetting. That is going back to square one.
  11. There are number of day schools for mentally challenged but they are hardly for 4 hours, or 180 to 200 days a year. It is torturous to bring and leave a mentally challenged in school. It is Mental, Physical and Financial torture and distress.
  12. All other handicaps have various government facilities (blind, dumb, deaf and physically handicapped) can be independent.